Redlands Christian Reformed Church
Glorify God    by    nurturing the church to maturity    in order to    bring others to Christ



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Denomination - Christian Reformed Churches of Australia

Redlands Christian Reformed Church is a part of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia.

The Christian Reformed Churches of Australia operate on three levels:

The Local Congregation
Guided by an elected Church Council. The local Church Council is the principal authority in the churches, but submits itself to the wider assemblies on matters that affect the churches as a whole.

The Classis
The meeting of all the Reformed Churches in a particular region. In Queensland, seven churches meet as a Classis every three months, each church delegating its minister and two elders to the meeting.

The Synod
The meeting of all classes once every three years. At Synod policies for the church are formulated, directions considered, and new ways forward are explored. In between Synod meetings the financial commitments of the member churches are administered by a Synodical Board of Management, while all other matters affecting the church as a whole are looked after by the Synodical Interim Committee.