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Events > Past > Sunday Morning Church Service Events > 23rd July 2017

Sunday Morning Church Service

23rd July 2017 9:00AM - 10:30AM

Location: Redlands Christian Reformed Church

Sermon: Download sermon

No Child Left Behind

Preacher: John Van Dijk
Bible Passage: Mark 10:13-16

Today we pick up the series on Mark again. In today's passage, Jesus has just finished teaching about the very serious matter of marriage and divorce. As soon as that discussion is finished, Jesus turns His attention to some little children that are being brought to Him by their parents. It was a Jewish tradition to bring small children to a great rabbi so that he could bless them and pray for them. It was also common for parents to take their children to the synagogue, where each of the elders would take the child in his hands and pray for the life of the child. These parents are severely rebuked by the Lord\'s disciples. Apparently, they felt that the Master's time was too valuable to spend on small children. Jesus, in turn, rebuked them for their attitude regarding these children. He told the disciples in no uncertain terms that little children were what the kingdom of Heaven was all about. This passage has something to say about children, and by extension, about the Saviour's kingdom. Let's walk through these important, but often neglected verses, and observe some lessons about parents, children and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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