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9am service: Stewardship of Time

Posted 18 January 2017, 9:35 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

This week we begin a new series about Stewardship. How do you manage the resources that God has given you? What things take priority and what parts of your life do you pass by. Over the next four weeks, we are going to consider four of the most important resources that God blesses us with. This week we are considering how we use time, one of the most difficult resources to manage. How do you steward the time that God has given you.

Bible Passage: Psalm 90

Pastor: Ben Peletier


Damien Watson Thanksgiving Service

Posted 17 January 2017, 1:24 PM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

Please join us for a service of Thanksgiving and Celebration for the life of Damien Watson on Thursday 19th January 2017. Commencing at 2pm, at  Redland's Christian Reformed Church, cnr Delancey and Sturgeon Streets, Ormiston.

Family and friends are encouraged to wear a splash of orange as this was Damien’s favourite colour.


Damien Watson

Posted 17 January 2017, 1:18 PM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

For those who may not yet have heard, our friend and brother in Christ, Damien Watson, passed away Friday evening after his battle with cancer.


5pm service: Christmas Carols Evening

Posted 14 December 2016, 10:00 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

5pm Sausage Sizzle

6pm Carols

We hope you can join us to celebrate this very special time of year!!

Free ice cream and drinks afterwards.


9am service: The Voice

Posted 14 December 2016, 9:52 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

Mary was told the child she would have was going to be the Saviour. Her response was a song of praise. Zechariah was told that he, in his old age, was having a son who would tell of the coming Saviour. His response, after a time of being mute, was to praise God. Today we step a little later into the story when we meet ‘The Voice’ preparing the way for the coming Saviour. And John prepares the way by proclaiming God’s message. His message is that the people need to repair their lives and prepare for Christ’s coming. He does this by calling the people to repent and be baptized. But why do we look at this poem about John? Because, as someone has said, the path of the incarnation passes through John on the way to Bethlehem’s manger. So, while Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, it is also a time of reflection of the words of the angels, shepherds, and the whole story. Word which talk about the salvation offered to humanity through the atonement of Jesus on the cross. It is a time to reflect on your own salvation.

Bible Passage: Luke 3:1-18

Pastor: Jim de Witte


Redlands Community Centre

Posted 9 December 2016, 9:13 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

The last day to donate items for the Community Centre Christmas hampers is:


Please be generous to those less fortunate than us. Donations of non-perishable food items can be placed in the box in the foyer.


5pm service: Blessed Is....

Posted 6 December 2016, 9:15 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

Psalm 1 starts with the words: 'Blessed is the man...' It can be understood to mean 'happy is the person whose delight is in God's word upon which she or he meditates day and night'. As profound and deep as this truth is, we find that there is another Psalm which starts with almost identical words (blessed is he...) and yet "the happiness of the man speaking here is greater even than that of the man speaking in Psalm 1" (Montgomery Boice). What is this happiness of Psalm 32? Please join us as we consider the precious words of this Psalm.    

Bible Passage: Psalm 32

Pastor: Ettiene de Wilzem


Posted 6 December 2016, 9:14 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

After nine months of silence, Zechariah has something to say! Of course, it’s not just that he’s been bursting to talk, or even that nine months of reflection has led to such deep insights. Zechariah’s song, which we will look at this Sunday morning, is a prediction made by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This prophecy is a beautiful summary of the implication of all the events surrounding the birth of Jesus that Luke describes. It is a song saturated with the abundant mercy of God. God knows the need of the people; God is responding to his promises to save his people; God is bringing about the salvation of his people. This is a song of mercy, and blessing. After singing his praise of God’s tender compassion, he turns to offers his Spirit-filled benediction upon his son, the one who will announce God’s tender mercy and give them knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins. And so, the old priest Zechariah, near the end of his days, sings a song of mercy, blessing, and forgiveness, under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Bible Passage: Luke 1:67-80

Pastor: Jim de Witte

5pm service: The Restoration of All Things (DVD)

Posted 30 November 2016, 9:08 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

Do you want an overview of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation? Do you want to know about the Kingdom of God and its advancing? Join us tonight, where we will watch a brilliant presentation by Brad Gray (Walking the Text). We may feel small and insignificant, till we grasp a picture of God’s greater kingdom advancing in the world. Come and be inspired.


9am service: Mary's Song

Posted 30 November 2016, 9:07 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

Today we begin a short series looking at the songs on Luke’s gospel focussed on the birth of Jesus. We start with Mary’s poem, known as the ‘Magnificat’. Through it all, Mary is an example of humility, stating her dependence on God. Mary is an example of thankfulness, praising and exulting God. She saw God’s work in her life as evidence of his love for all his people. We honour Mary and thank God for her simple trust. We honour her, not by praying to her, but by modelling our own relationship with God on the traits she displayed. We will look at those traits of submission, humility and praise.

Bible Passage: Luke 1:46-56

Pastor: Jim de Witte


Car Wash - Saturday

Posted 28 November 2016, 2:33 PM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

Saturday - 3rd December

8:00am onwards 

Volunteers Needed. Contact Doug Klitscher

Proceeds to Salvation Army Christmas Appeal



5pm service: Youth Service - This Is How I Roll

Posted 23 November 2016, 10:07 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

 This week we have the pleasure of hosting "The Assembly", the state gathering of all the CRCA youth in Queensland. We are going to consider what it means to love what God loves. To enjoy life as he intended it to be. Some of this may be weird to the world around us be we like the Psalmist should be able to say: "God I love your law!". We should love it so much that we have no fear in saying "This is how I roll". 

Bible Passage: Psalm 119:9-16

Pastor: Ben Peletier

9am service: Christian of the Year Award

Posted 23 November 2016, 10:05 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

As you read this passage, you can imagine the disciples arguing about who would be awarded the prestigious award of ‘Christian of the Year’. You picture them trying to show why they should be considered for the award, how they were greater, each convinced that they were a better disciple than the one next to them. When they hit Capernaum Jesus challenges them to share what they were discussing and all they can do is look down at their sandals. This argument they were having was not something they were comfortable sharing with Jesus because it seemed so ludicrous. The scary thought is that this kind of bickering, while not done openly, probably happens more than we care to admit. So how does Jesus address their debate? By turning their world and the expectations of the world upside-down. On Sunday we will try to get an understanding of this upside-down kingdom that Jesus proposes.

Bible Passage: Mark 9:30-37

Pastor: Jim de Witte


5pm service: Life WITH Faith, Hope and Love

Posted 16 November 2016, 9:21 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

 We are wrapping up our WITH series tonight. Last week we looked back at our rejection of life with God in the Garden (Genesis 3) and we looked forward to our reunion with God in the new creation. This reunion flows from our reconciliation through Jesus Christ, who came and lived with us. Yet, how do we live with God in the here and now? It starts with understanding that we live with God as a beloved child. Jethani writes, ‘Love is the beginning and the end, the origin and culmination of our relationship with God.’ We can strengthen that love relationship with God by training ourselves to be aware of His constant presence and communing with Him. We live with a faith that we’re always safe in God’s care, we place your hope in God Himself rather than in our circumstances, and we let God’s love inspire us to love others, and live in wonder, and joy.

Bible Passage: 1 John 4:7-12; 19-21

Pastor: Jime de Witte


9am service: Belief, Unbelief and Everything in Between

Posted 16 November 2016, 9:18 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

 Peter, James and John have just witnessed Jesus amazing transfiguration, they got to see Jesus in his glory. What an amazing experience! But what goes up must come down, so they climb back down to the reality of the mission. When they get there they are immediately confronted with a bickering crowd who are questioning the authority and power of the disciples. For some reason, the disciples cannot heal a demon-possessed child so Jesus takes the opportunity to teach them (and us) about faith.

Bible Passage: Mark 9:14-29

Pastor: Ben Peletier

5pm service: Life With God

Posted 9 November 2016, 9:46 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

Over the last four weeks we have looked at the four main ways that we misuse or misunderstand our relationship with God. What is it that God actually wants from us most? It's not a life under him, a life over him, a life from him or a life for him. God simply wants us to live in relationship with him. He wants us to relate to him in the way we were intended to. He wants us to return to an Eden like relationship, eternally. 

Bible Passage: Genesis 3:1-10 & Revelation 21:1-5

Pastor: Ben Peletier


9am service: The Transfiguration

Posted 9 November 2016, 9:44 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

If you're a Christian, you may have read this passage numerous times in the past and thought to yourself: 'what a strange, strange story!' Only three of Jesus' 12 main followers up an incredibly high mountain (about 9000 feet above sea level!) to see him 'transfigured'. What does that even mean? And more importantly, why give these disciples the insight into this very, very strange event? On Sunday morning we'll unpack this and hopefully profit immensely from both understanding it and receiving it's rich nourishment for our often-weary souls.  Please join us. 

Bible Passage: Mark 9:1-13

Pastor: Ettiene de Wilzem


5pm service: Life For God

Posted 2 November 2016, 4:32 PM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

From within the Church a life for God would have to be the most pervasive misunderstanding of how we relate to God. Do we live as Christians simply to do God's bidding? Are we to simply pour ourselves into as many ministries as we can handle? A life for God is a dangerous posture because it elevates what we do above all else. 

Bible Passage: Luke 15:11-32

Pastor: Ben Peletier


9am service: Blurred Vision

Posted 2 November 2016, 4:30 PM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

Peter’s response to Jesus’ teaching about his coming death and resurrection is a clear example of blurred vision. Peter, correctly, recognised Jesus as the Christ, but loudly objected to any mention of Jesus suffering and dying. To Peter this is an inappropriate role of the Christ that he was looking at. We need clear spiritual vision to see Jesus for who he is: Messiah and Lord. With that type of vision we can then accept the requirements of discipleship that Jesus goes on to teach about. What does suffering for the Christian look like, if we have the right vision?

Bible Passage: Mark 8:31-9:1

Pastor: Jim de Witte


5pm service: Life FROM God

Posted 26 October 2016, 10:41 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

How do you best relate to God?  This is the question we are seeking to answer in our journey through the suggestions made in this book, WITH: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God.  So far we have looked at the Life Under God perspective and the Life Over God perspective.  Today’s topic is Life From God. It is worth repeating that all the perspectives we’ll be talking about have merit.  There is something to be said for living each perspective as a part of your faith journey with God.  However, when each perspective is the sole or primary way of relating to God, we fail to experience all that God desires for us in a relationship with Him.  Life from God is fuelled by our consumer culture, where everyone and everything’s value is determined by its usefulness to me. I stand at the centre and everything orbits around me. The thinking that creeps into our Christian worldview is that God is just another one of those things that orbit around me. How can we identify the error of our posture and how can we protect ourselves from it?

Bible Passage: Luke 15:11-32

Pastor: Jim de Witte


9am service: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

Posted 26 October 2016, 10:39 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

 This week we hit the turning point in Mark. Yet before we get to Peters confession we are faced with another healing miracle, this time it's a blind man. Yet again Jesus saves the day, the man is no longer blind. Yet this miracle is different because Jesus seemingly fails, or at least half fails, at first attempt. Why? Well, this half-baked miracle is actually intricately linked what happens next, the central confession of Jesus. How? Come on Sunday to find out. 

Bible Passage: Mark 8:22-30

Pastor: Ben Peletier

5pm service: Life OVER God

Posted 19 October 2016, 10:16 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

In our second sermon from Skye Jethani’s excellent book “With” we will the spiritual dryness of a Life Over or Apart from God. Life Over God seems, at first, something that is better applied to others, because it is the posture of atheists. Atheists have no need for God. Their principles for life come from the world, the natural principles of science, and sociology so there is no need for God. So how does this type of posture make it into the church? Jethani writes, “my concern is those who claim Christian faith and even participate in a local church but may actually have the same life over God posture as atheists… they practice a faith that has little room for God”. If we aren’t careful, we begin to elevate scriptural principles over the life giving relationship Jesus died for. We gradually shift our focus, however unintentionally, from developing a deep, loving relationship with Jesus to following a set of guidelines to receive a specific outcome. By doing this we are saying thank you God for teaching us how to live, now that You’ve taught us, we don’t need you anymore. We don’t need God as we take direct control over our world through the principles we derive from Scripture. So what warnings are there for us. We will think about that on Sunday evening.

Bible Passage: John 5:31-40

Pastor: Jim de Witte


9am service: Life's Greatest Danger

Posted 19 October 2016, 10:14 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink


From time to time, perhaps when we feel reflective, we may wonder: what is the greatest danger we will face in this life? Granted, it's a somewhat gloomy question to think about. Yet there can be no doubt that it's answer should be the most decisive in shaping our priorities and values. Surely we will want to be careful and watch out for the great dangers in life that may cause us harm. Indeed, Jesus affirms this logic when he urges his  closest friends to 'be careful' and 'watch out' (Mark 8:15). But what for? 'The yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod' (Mark 8:15) we are told. But what on earth is that? On Sunday morning we'll answer this question as we navigate some of the deepest waters of the Christian faith.      

Bible Passage: Mark 7:11-8:21

Pastor: Ettiene de Wilzem

5pm service: Life Under God

Posted 12 October 2016, 9:02 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

 As Christians, we spend a lot of time thinking about our relationship with God. But do we think about how this relationship actually functions?  Is this relationship like all our other relationships? What do we expect? In this new series titled 'With' we think about this, our most important relationship, beginning with the first, and one of the most common issues, living under God.

Bible Reading: Matthew 19:16-30

Pastor: Ben Peletier

9am service: Miraculous Spot the Difference

Posted 12 October 2016, 9:00 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

 This week as we continue our walk through the gospel of Mark we come to the feeding of the 4000. Only a few weeks earlier we saw Jesus do something very similar. Why is  such a similar story recorded twice? What is the difference? There are so many similarities that it is easy to miss what Mark is saying here. While the stories may look the same what they point out to us are quite different.

Bible Passage: Mark 8:1-10

Pastor: Ben Peletier

5pm service: Walking the Text

Posted 6 October 2016, 8:43 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

A number of people from our church recently went on a study tour to Turkey called Walking the Text. While we refer to the tour - and rightly so - as a 'study' tour it should be said upfront that it was more than information gleaning and sight seeing. God was at work deeply and personally in the lives of the people who went. This Sunday night is about sharing these experiences in a way that will lead us all to marvel at the greatness of God and be drawn closer to him in faithful worship. Please join us.    

Following the service you are invited to share a light supper together. During this time there is the opportunity to ask more and hear more.

If you are coming, could you please bring a plate of sandwiches or cold finger foods, dips etc to share.




9am service: Be Opened

Posted 6 October 2016, 8:41 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

John Piper, writing about this passage starts with a riddle, ‘Who is permitted to speak but not able, and able to speak but not permitted?’ The man in this account from Mark who meets Jesus. In what seems like a rather gross story we see another side of who Jesus is and we again glimpse his person and power. This is the same Jesus who reaches to us and changes us. Join us as we meet the Jesus who loves and cares for all people.

Bible Passage: Mark 7:31-37

Pastor: Jim de Witte


Car Wash - Saturday

Posted 30 September 2016, 9:01 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

Volunteers URGENTLY NEEDED to help wash cars tomorrow from 8am. 

5pm service: Escaping Death

Posted 28 September 2016, 10:13 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

 When Moses was trying to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt, Pharaoh refused to let them go until the final plague, which killed all of the first-born people and animals. Death was coming, so how could the Hebrews escape this death, this judgment of God? It was not because of prayer or fasting, not because they were exempt, not because they were good people. The Hebrews were protected because they obeyed God and put the blood of the lamb on their doorposts. So how do we escape death? The Passover we read about in Exodus was meant to tell us about the ultimate sacrifice that was coming.  Jesus was going to be the sacrifice that would take away the sins of all who came to Him. How is it possible for a holy God to receive sinners without violating His righteousness and justice? The inspired answer comes from the book of Exodus: ''When I see the blood, I will pass over you'' (Exodus 12:13). It is not enough to know that the blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the forgiveness of sin--one must personally trust Him as Saviour.

Bible Passage: Exodus 12:1-28

Pastor: Jim de Witte

9am service: The Faith of a Dog

Posted 28 September 2016, 10:07 AM by Wendy Hammond. Permalink

After seeing Jesus challenge the traditions of the Pharisees we move quickly onto a physical application of Jesus teachings. Leaving the Jewish communities for some respite Jesus is quickly confronted by a pagan woman who's daughter is spiritually oppressed. In this moment Jesus is confronted with a challenge; do unclean people fit into his mission? If all foods are clean are all people clean as well? 

Jesus answers these questions with both a parable and a miracle, revealing the reason for his time on earth while pointing to a much bigger kingdom than his disciples even realised. 

Bible Passage: Mark 7:24-30

Pastor: Ben Peletier


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