Vision Of Things To Come

Date 11th November 2018  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage Daniel 7:1-14

In chapter 7 the book of Daniel takes on a very different flavour. The rest of the book is essentially made up of a number of visions and a prayer. They are strange visions, with beasts, horns and visions into heaven. What are we to make of this sort of writing? Why is it here?

Where Are You?

Date 11th November 2018  by Israel  Bible passage Genesis 3

This morning Israel will bring us a message from Genesis 3. Chapter 3 tells the story of that paradise lost; the result of the first willful human sin. The consequences: immediate shame and lifelong separation from their home with God. Come listen to Israel as he deals with the question ‘Where Are You?’

Glory to the True King

Date 04th November 2018  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage Daniel 6

As we continue in the book of Daniel, we once again find him in danger because of his faith. Now his colleagues set out to trap him and he will have to choose between safety and faithfulness to God. God will protect him and so work through Daniel to glorify His name among the nations.

Romans – Death in Adam, Life in Christ

Date 04th November 2018  by  Bible passage Romans 5:12-21

This whole passage contrasts Adam and Jesus, each of whom fixed the future of all the people in the age they initiated. Adam brought in the age of sin, and all who are descended from him have found themselves trapped in sin and death. Jesus brought in the age of grace, and all who trace

God’s Graffiti

Date 28th October 2018  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Daniel 5

We often use the cliché, ‘The writing’s on the wall’ when we refer to something that is obvious, ominous and imminent. Well this phrase comes from this strange and intriguing story from the book of Daniel. The Medes and Persians have besieged the city of Babylon, the empire is falling and the king holds a

Romans – Joyous Hope

Date 28th October 2018  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage Romans 5:1-11

How would you describe God’s attitude towards you? Given the first 3 or so chapters of Romans, you might say, ‘well at least because of Jesus’s death for me He’s not angry at me.’ And yet at times, especially in times of trial, we can doubt even that. In the first part of chapter 5

The Holy Spirit Is Crucial

Date 21st October 2018  by Josh Hartog - Westside Christian Church  Bible passage

We don’t often talk about the Holy Spirit in Reformed circles, sometimes because we’re afraid of causing division or nervous about where it might lead. But the Holy Spirit isn’t an optional extra for Christians, He is crucial to living the new life that God has called us to. This sermon looks at why the

Romans – Learning from the Faith of Abraham

Date 21st October 2018  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage Romans 4

Last week, Paul finished his prosecution and offered a defense, the righteousness that God gives by faith. But what does it mean to live by faith? If we are justified by faith alone, does it matter how we live? How can we live a new life? How can we be sure of our faith and

The Work of the Bible

Date 14th October 2018  by KJ Tromp  Bible passage 2 Timothy 3:10-4:8

All of our Christian life we are told that listening to sermons and taking part in Bible study is important. The foundation to this belief is that the Bible is important to the Christian. But what does it really do? Are we just listening to an ancient documentary of a bygone era? Is it a

Romans – But Now

Date 14th October 2018  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Romans 3:21-31

In the last couple of weeks Paul has being diagnosing the human condition and the news is not good. We are all doomed, without excuse. Nothing is hidden from God, not out thoughts, our hearts, our intents or our motives. So, what is next? Paul now brings to light God’s remedy for our sin; his

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Who is the Christ?

Date: 01 July 2018, 10:07 by Load Audio & Video

In the passage, Jesus is asking the important question, ‘What do you think about the Christ?’ For the Teachers of the Law to answer this question would radically alter everything in their lives. It would have changed their entire world view. It would have changed their associations and friendships. It would have affected their families

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The Cost of Worship

Date: 08 July 2018, 18:07 by Load Audio & Video

At first glance it appears that this passage in Mark is about sacrificial giving; that the widow who gave two small copper coins is giving so much more out of her poverty than the rich are giving out of their abundance and so we too should give sacrificially like the widow. However, in a closer

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Gospel Shaped Love

Date: 05 August 2018, 10:08 by Load Audio & Video

What does it look like to love your fellow believers with gospel shaped love? The little letter of 3 John gives us wonderful insight into that. John writes to encourage his friend Gaius and, as he does, we get a to watch true gospel friendship in action. This is a simple but profoundly encouraging example

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Watch and Be Ready

Date: 15 July 2018, 10:07 by Load Audio & Video

Mark 13 is a difficult chapter to grab hold of as it is full of Old Testament ideas and images and Jesus intertwines two strands of teaching into one. What we can know is that there are three things which give us encouragement. First, Jesus forewarned us that things would happen; God is not surprised.

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Waste or Worship?

Date: 22 July 2018, 18:07 by Load Audio & Video

In the midst of hatred and betrayal Mark records and act of simple and costly devotion. Sensing where the life of Jesus was headed and being unable to alter that course in an act of love and faith she did what she could for Jesus. The question that is drawn out from the passage is

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