Hope Rising

Date 28th October 2012  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Habakkuk 2:2-20

Habakkuk’s frustration was at a boiling point. Violence, injustice, strife, and conflict surrounded him, and he wanted God to do something about it. But he didn’t complain behind God’s back. Instead, he went straight to God. “How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen” were his opening words. God

Hallelujah- Praise the Lord

Date 21st October 2012  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Psalm 146

Roy Clements, English Baptist Pastor, noted that there are 3 words that are understood in every language on earth: amen; hallelujah and Coca-Cola. Amen we know; Coca-Cola we know…but what does Hallelujah mean? Our culture has trivialised the word and uses it in shameful ways, but what does the word mean and how should we

Greatness Lies In Grace

Date 21st October 2012  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage Luke 22:14-30

William Shakespeare once said about ‘greatness’: “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” It is fair to say that most of us are born with the desire to be ‘great’. A desire to live lives of great significance and to be the possessors of some highly sought after

Something Old, Something New

Date 14th October 2012  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Psalm 19 and Matthew 13:51-52

There are things we learn at school which we think will be totally useless when you’ve finished school. There is trivia we keep in our heads that is only useful if you want to go on Millionaire Hotseat. What about the things we learn in church? Do the things we learn about God and the

You Are God’s Workmanship

Date 14th October 2012  by Bevan Burnes - Elder  Bible passage Ephesians 2 : 1 - 10

Have you ever thought what it would be like if God suddenly withdrew his presence and his salvation process ceased? I am sure there would be chaos because every bit of glory, joy, gladness and warmth would be gone. For these blessings come from God’s activity among us, from God at work redeeming, reaching out,

Habakkuk: Two Roads in Life

Date 07th October 2012  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Habakkuk 2:1-20

A revelation has been given to Habakkuk. It is a revelation for all time and it speaks of justice. Justice will be handed down in the course of God’s time. As we look at God’s response to Habakkuk we will be focussing on verse 4 and 5. In these verses God makes a contrast for

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Towards Wholeness: Sleep

Date: 22 February 2015, 09:02 by aiims

We are opening up the building blocks that take us on the path toward wholeness, as was introduced to last week by Johann Eloff. This morning we are looking at sleep and its important place in developing holiness. We don’t often think of sleep this way but the Bible has quite a bit to say

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Towards Wholeness: Walking with God

Date: 15 February 2015, 09:02 by aiims

‘Walking with God Towards Wholeness in Christ’ Today I invite you to join me, walking with God, aiming at lifestyle adjustment, towards wholeness in Christ!”

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James: Wisdom for Living

Date: 01 February 2015, 17:02 by aiims

In 2015, Guinness World Records – the ultimate authority in record breaking achievements – celebrates the 60th anniversary of its first published edition and the creation of one of the world’s most successful and recognized brands. The idea for a book of records begins in the early 1950s when Sir Hugh Beaver (1890—1967), Managing Director

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Exodus: Could Not Stand

Date: 24 July 2016, 17:07 by aiims

When hardship strikes some people will try and bring comfort with the saying, If you have your health, you have everything’. The idea is that you can cope with things that annoy, some economic hardship and some inconveniences as long as you are healthy. People might have been encouraging Pharaoh that way but the next

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What Do You Mean ‘Born Again?’ – NO SERMON

Date: 01 August 2017, 10:08 by Jamez

In John 3, Jesus tells Nicodemus that he needs to be born again. Nicodemus is utterly confused at the thought, as are many today in how to interpret Jesus’ statement. On Sunday morning, we are going to unpack this intriguing passage and see what it means for a person to be born again and what

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