Date 29th March 2013  by Jim de Witte, Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage

Many a mother would be able to talk about and compare with other mothers her agony in removing stains from clothes. We regularly see ads on TV which tells of so and so’s new powder with renewed and strengthened ability to get rid of those pesky stains. This Easter, in a practical and memorable way,

Will Everything be Ok?

Date 24th March 2013  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage Psalm 121

Life is a Journey; Enjoy the Ride The quote above is designed to make us look at life from a new perspective – a perspective which presumes that once we see life as a journey, we’ll automatically enjoy it. What if we don’t, though? The reality is that life’s journey is fraught with calamities and

Made For Service – CHECK

Date 24th March 2013  by Bevan Burnes - Elder  Bible passage Ephesians 2:1-10

In spite of enormous success, Elvis was, according to friends, an unfulfilled and unhappy man. He died of obesity and drug dependency at 42. And in an interview with his wife, Priscilla, she said this about her husband: “Elvis never came to terms with who he was meant to be or what his purpose in

Prayer for Protection

Date 24th March 2013  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Matthew 6:13; James 1:1-18

In the Lord’s Prayer Jesus calls us to remember we are weak and that we need the Lord’s protection. As we live in this world we have, what one person described, as the ‘unholy trinity’ attacking us. Three of them (the devil, the World, and Flesh) united in their desire to see God’s work in

Our Daily Bread

Date 10th March 2013  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage Matthew 6:11; 25-34

Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string” vs. Jesus Christ: “Give us our daily bread”. Western culture’s insistence on freedom found in the autonomy and self-reliance of the individual vs. Christianity’s truth expressed in total, utter, self-abandoning reliance on the provision of God. Sunday morning we’ll look at how the

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Date 03rd March 2013  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage Matthew 6:9-10 Revelation 11:17, 22:20

If you’ve been around in Christian circles for long enough, you’ll probably be familiar with the words: “… Hallowed be thy name…” They aren’t words we really use in today’s language and apart from sounding kind of authentic and even cool to say in a prayer, we have to ask the question: do we really

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He Gave His Only-Begotten Son

Date: 22 April 2018, 10:04 by Load Audio & Video

Over against the war-scarred, sin-strangled world, let us reflect on the wonder of wonders in the text of texts. The measure of love is always its willingness to give; its capacity for sacrifice. In giving Christ, God gives us all things in Him. He leaves the throne of heaven for a stable in Bethlehem and

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The Murdered Son

Date: by Load Audio & Video

Today, the story is simple. A man has a vineyard and he rents it to some farmers. They misuse his property and want to keep it for themselves. When he sends messengers to collect what is rightfully his, the farmers beat them and kill them. Eventually he sends his son and they kill him, too.

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Spiritual Games

Date: 29 April 2018, 10:04 by Load Audio & Video

We have witnessed two great sporting events this year, the Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Maybe you’ve been excited and amazed at the achievements of all the athletes and marvelled at the amount of time and practice required to reach Games standards. The modern Olympics were inspired by ancient games held in Olympia, Greece,

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Why Should I Believe the Bible?

Date: 15 April 2018, 18:04 by Load Audio & Video

We may often be faced with some common hang-ups with the authority of the Bible when it comes to why we believe what we believe. Who hasn’t heard these sorts of remarks: “Why believe something that was written so long ago?” “Times have changed, move on.” “Can we believe that what was said and done

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Song of a Struggling Saint

Date: 19 August 2018, 10:08 by Load Audio & Video

If you live long enough, your faith is bound to be challenged some time. Psalm 73 is the song of a godly man who felt his faith slipping away. Even though these words were written 3000 years ago, they might as well have been written today. This Psalm is his very personal testimony. He opens

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