Keep Watch!

Date 26th January 2014  by Ryan Hemelaar - Operation 513 Leader  Bible passage Matthew 24:42-51

Sometimes we live as though Jesus couldn’t possibly return today. We get distracted with the things of daily life and don’t give much thought to what is to come. In the passage we’ll be looking at this Sunday night, we are going to look at Jesus’ command to “Keep Watch!”

The Gospel: Unity Despite Different Contexts

Date 19th January 2014  by KJ Tromp - Pastor for Nerang Community Church  Bible passage Galatians 2:1-10

Paul warned the Galatians that adopting a different gospel message to the one he was preaching meant that everyone’s freedom was at stake. For Paul a misunderstanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ could lead to making us slaves and preventing us from enjoying the freedom we have in Christ. Paul is saying that the

The Final Hallelujah

Date 19th January 2014  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Psalm 150

Life is full of praise…Parents praising their children, Grandparents praising their grandchildren, men praising cars, women praising outfits. We praise a painter’s masterpiece, a conductor’s symphony, a chef’s meal, an architect’s building…Praise is a release of inner joy and excitement (Psalm 39:1-3). As CS Lewis said, ‘It is “inner health” made audible’. Praise is naturally

The Creation Choir

Date 12th January 2014  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Psalm 148

On his ‘Indescribable’ tour Louie Giglio says, “Scientists are stumped. One of their dilemmas is that there must be more inhabited planets in the universe. One of their arguments, which is a good one, is that if the universe is simply a habitation for you and me then it is way oversized. But, what if

The Worthy Walk

Date 12th January 2014  by Bevan Burnes - Elder  Bible passage Ephesians 4:1-13

More material in the New Testament pertains to Ephesus than to any other community of new believers. When Paul writes to the New Testament churches or to individuals, he usually is addressing a problem in the church. But this is not the case in Ephesians. He made three visits and spent three years building the

Masterpiece on Display

Date 05th January 2014  by Bevan Burnes - Elder  Bible passage Ephesians 2: 1 - 10

Today we look at how God is working in our lives, a tremendous exhibition of His wisdom, His power, His love, His life, His character, His peace , and His joy.

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Christian of the Year Award – NO SERMON

Date: 27 November 2016, 09:11 by aiims

As you read this passage, you can imagine the disciples arguing about who would be awarded the prestigious award of ‘Christian of the Year’. You picture them trying to show why they should be considered for the award, how they were greater, each convinced that they were a better disciple than the one next to

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Towards Wholeness: Cleaning

Date: 01 March 2015, 17:03 by aiims

Most of us have heard the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness“. It may remind many of us of our disgruntled parents who said it over our untidy bedrooms as children or having heard it as the justification for the Saturday morning cleaning spree in the Christian household. Is it true though? Is being clean

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Ruth: God’s Perfect Timing – NO SERMON

Date: 11 January 2015, 17:01 by aiims

The right place at the right time. Coincidence? Chance? Good luck? The wrong place at the wrong time. Bad luck? Fate? Accidental? Is this how we look at the circumstances of our lives? Where is God in all of this. That was the question that plagued Naomi in chapter 1 as she wonders why she

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Date: 04 November 2012, 09:11 by aiims

We all have had victories, gifts or blessings in our lives which caused us to exclaim in an exuberant tone of joyfulness the word ‘YEEAAAH!’ or just the simple old, but very loud and emotionally charged ‘YEESSS!’ We all know the feeling when we experience this on the sports field, at work, school, uni or

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The Messenger’s Mission

Date: 16 February 2014, 09:02 by aiims

John the Baptist must be one of the most peculiar characters of Scripture. From Mark’s gospel we know he had a strange fashion sense, wearing clothes made out of rough camel hair; we know of his diet oddness, locusts and wild honey. Some might dismiss him as a crackpot, an oddball, or a weirdo but

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