Head, Heart, Hands

Date 23rd February 2014  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12

One of the questions Christians always seems to come back to in new and fresh ways is the question: ‘what does it mean for me to follow Jesus? What does it come down to in real terms of how I live my life?’ It’s true that once the cost is counted, many realizethis journey may

Apprentices of the Master

Date 23rd February 2014  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Mark 1 : 14 - 20

People sometimes ask: ‘Did Jesus have a ‘mission strategy’? In the gospel of Mark we get apiece of the answer. The answer is ‘yes’. In verse 17 Jesus says, ‘Come follow me and I willmake you fishers of men’. This becomes the master and apprentice model that works so wellin industry. Jesus would be the

What’s In it for Me?

Date 16th February 2014  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage Romans 8:1-2; Philippians 3:20-21; John 3:36

“What’s in it for me?” This is the question that we ask ourselves with almost everything we do, at least subconsciously. And while it’s a question that Christian circles mostly see as a bad question for it’s selfishness and anti-Christ like sentiments, we have to wonder if there are times when it is appropriate to

The Messenger’s Mission

Date 16th February 2014  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Mark 1 : 1 - 8

John the Baptist must be one of the most peculiar characters of Scripture. From Mark’s gospel we know he had a strange fashion sense, wearing clothes made out of rough camel hair; we know of his diet oddness, locusts and wild honey. Some might dismiss him as a crackpot, an oddball, or a weirdo but

Who Is Jesus?

Date 09th February 2014  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Mark1:1-3

Mark starts his gospel with the statement: The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God. That’s it. Mark doesn’t argue the point, instead he went on to demonstrate it, reporting a series of unique events and acts that made it clear who Jesus is. As you read through the gospel there

The Holy Spirit

Date 02nd February 2014  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage John 16:5-16

Just think about these questions: “Why do I believe the Bible is God’s Word when others don’t?” “Why do I believe Jesus is God and Saviour?” “Why do I repent and have faith?” “Where do I get the strength to live the Christian life?” “How come I am able to grow in the faith?” “What

The Great Equaliser

Date 02nd February 2014  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage Matthew 20:1-16

A farmer once employed people to work in his vineyard at various stages of the day – some started very early and some very, very late in the day. Striking is the thought then, when, at the end of the day the farmer pays all the workers exactlythe same amount! What do we make of

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What if… Jesus didn’t Rise from the Grave?

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Hosea: “Go Get Gomer”, Got by God

Date: 08 April 2018, 18:04 by Load Audio & Video

God not only used Hosea’s words, but his very life to point out Israel’s unfaithfulness to him but also his great love for them. The book of Hosea foreshadows God’s redemptive work on the cross through Jesus Christ.

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A Living Parable

Date: by Load Audio & Video

We have been dipping in and out of Mark’s gospel for some time. We left it last time, just before the Triumphal entry. We pick it up again, with the teaching of Jesus through the last week of His earthly life, the time between Palm Sunday and His crucifixion. Jesus packs a lot of activity

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Why Should I Believe the Bible?

Date: 15 April 2018, 18:04 by Load Audio & Video

We may often be faced with some common hang-ups with the authority of the Bible when it comes to why we believe what we believe. Who hasn’t heard these sorts of remarks: “Why believe something that was written so long ago?” “Times have changed, move on.” “Can we believe that what was said and done

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He Gave His Only-Begotten Son

Date: 22 April 2018, 10:04 by Load Audio & Video

Over against the war-scarred, sin-strangled world, let us reflect on the wonder of wonders in the text of texts. The measure of love is always its willingness to give; its capacity for sacrifice. In giving Christ, God gives us all things in Him. He leaves the throne of heaven for a stable in Bethlehem and

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