James: Exercising Your Faith

Date 30th November 2014  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage James 2:14-26

We all understand that there is faith and there is faith. One kind says, ‘I believe’ and means, ‘I suppose it’s true’. The other kind says, ‘I believe’ and means, ‘I commit myself heart and soul to God.’ It is hard to get confused about which faith someone is talking about when they say, ‘I

Wisdom for the Heart

Date 23rd November 2014  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage Proverbs 4:20-23; Matthew 7:24-27

For the past few weeks we have been looking at ‘wisdom’. We considered how to live wisely when it comes to our families, the words we speak, our friendships, our work, our future, those with authority over us and money. On Sunday we will finish the series by going to the source from which our

James: The Labour of Listening

Date 16th November 2014  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage James 1:19-27

James 1:18 (The Message) reads:“He brought us to life using the true Word, showing us off as the crown of all his creatures.”If this is true, if God truly has given new life to his people to show off how good he is, we may well ask: ‘what is it about his people that is

To Babel and Beyond…

Date 09th November 2014  by Greg Tenni - Elder  Bible passage Genesis 10:8-12, 11:1-9

For most of us, the story of the tower of Babel is just an interesting little Sunday School lesson that explains how all the different languages in the world came about. But tonight we want to look more closely at this story, and as we work our way through the text, we will discover a

Wisdom with Authority – NO SERMON

Date 09th November 2014  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Proverbs 16:12-15;29:12-14; 31:8-9

What does it take to be a good leader? We may not be a king or Prime Minister of a country but we all have some form of leadership and authority in our lives. If you are a parent or grandparent, a business owner or a teacher, an Elder or Deacon, a team leader or

Wisdom for the Future

Date 02nd November 2014  by Ettiene de Wilzem  Bible passage Proverbs 23:17-18

“The future was always more important than the past (PAUL PARK,A Princess of Roumania).” Regardless of the validity of this statement as truth, it does seem to capture the predominant feeling of our culture towards the future. We are in many ways obsessed with it. For many, if not most of us, almost everything we

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Christian of the Year Award – NO SERMON

Date: 27 November 2016, 09:11 by aiims

As you read this passage, you can imagine the disciples arguing about who would be awarded the prestigious award of ‘Christian of the Year’. You picture them trying to show why they should be considered for the award, how they were greater, each convinced that they were a better disciple than the one next to

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Towards Wholeness: Cleaning

Date: 01 March 2015, 17:03 by aiims

Most of us have heard the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness“. It may remind many of us of our disgruntled parents who said it over our untidy bedrooms as children or having heard it as the justification for the Saturday morning cleaning spree in the Christian household. Is it true though? Is being clean

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Ruth: God’s Perfect Timing – NO SERMON

Date: 11 January 2015, 17:01 by aiims

The right place at the right time. Coincidence? Chance? Good luck? The wrong place at the wrong time. Bad luck? Fate? Accidental? Is this how we look at the circumstances of our lives? Where is God in all of this. That was the question that plagued Naomi in chapter 1 as she wonders why she

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Date: 04 November 2012, 09:11 by aiims

We all have had victories, gifts or blessings in our lives which caused us to exclaim in an exuberant tone of joyfulness the word ‘YEEAAAH!’ or just the simple old, but very loud and emotionally charged ‘YEESSS!’ We all know the feeling when we experience this on the sports field, at work, school, uni or

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The Messenger’s Mission

Date: 16 February 2014, 09:02 by aiims

John the Baptist must be one of the most peculiar characters of Scripture. From Mark’s gospel we know he had a strange fashion sense, wearing clothes made out of rough camel hair; we know of his diet oddness, locusts and wild honey. Some might dismiss him as a crackpot, an oddball, or a weirdo but

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