How Then Shall We Live?

Date 28th July 2019  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Exodus 20:1-26

We have been following the exodus journey of the Israelites who have now arrived at Mt Sinai, the place where they were brought to worship God. Now what? Here God renews his covenant with the people by giving them ways to live and ways to worship. How are they to respond? With fear and worship.

How To Get Along – Part 2

Date 28th July 2019  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage Romans 14:31-15:13

When it comes to ‘disputable matters’ we are not to judge or condemn one another. However, does that mean we can just exercise our freedom in whatever way we want? Paul’s answer is, ‘no’. Rather we are to seek the good of our neighbour as one for whom Christ died. This will not always be

One Great God, Many Servants

Date 21st July 2019  by JK  Bible passage Exodus 19

God has set a divine appointment to meet with his chosen people, Israel. He has carefully planned and orchestrated their salvation so that they might know Him. They have heard His messenger Moses, they have seen his mighty hand in Egypt, they have tasted his provision in the desert, and now after all they have

How To Get Along – Part 1

Date 21st July 2019  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage Romans 14:1-12

In the first section of Romans Paul lays out the beautiful truth of the gospel. The gospel is certain and clear and it must be carefully guarded because the gospel is God’s power to save. If we mess up the gospel, we make it harder for people to know God. However, not everything is so

Love in the Last Days

Date 14th July 2019  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage Romans 13:8-14

In these verses Paul returns to the subject of love. This may seem a little odd given in 12:9-21 he already described what transformed love looks like. However, here he seems to want us to understand how the law relates to love and encourage us not to give up on showing love. There will be

One Great God, Many Servants

Date 07th July 2019  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage Exodus 18

As we come to Exodus 18, we are on the cusp of God revealing himself to His people in a spectacular way. He will appear before them on Mt Sinai and give them the Law; the way they should live with the God who rescued them. Just before this we have seen that rescue as

The Lordship of Christ in Government

Date 07th July 2019  by Bill Berends  Bible passage Psalm 2 & Romans 13:1-7

Must we always submit to our government, even when leadership is poor and decisions are made that go contrary to the Christian worldview? What, if anything, makes Christian citizens different from non-Christian citizens?

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New Life in the Spirit

Date: 17 March 2019, 10:03 by Load Audio & Video

We have seen over the last few weeks that sin doesn’t belong in the life of the follower of Jesus. However, last week we also saw that we will struggle with sin in this life. So how do we struggle? What are our tools to fight off sin in the hour of temptation and as

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Paul’s Task

Date: 24 March 2019, 18:03 by Load Audio & Video

In the last two sermons on Colossians we have seen how Paul has given thanks for the church in Colossae. Epaphras has reported to Paul of the great faith in Jesus, and their love for each other. Paul now continues to rejoice in his suffering for the ministry to the Colossians, and to explain a

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Torn Between the Old and the New

Date: 10 March 2019, 10:03 by Load Audio & Video

Over the last two weeks we have seen that, having been rescued from sin, a should not go on deliberately living in sin. We have been set free from after all. But, have we? If we are honest that is not our daily experience. In￾deed we often find ourselves doing things we know are wrong.

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Discipleship – Making New Disciples

Date: 17 February 2019, 10:02 by Load Audio & Video

Before Jesus returned to heaven he gave his disciples a mission, ‘go into all nations and make disciples.’ This was a mission they passed onto those new disciples and therefore onto us. But what does that look like for the average Christian? Not all of us are gift￾ed to be evangelists, but we do have

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The Arrival of Death

Date: 07 April 2019, 10:04 by Load Audio & Video

This week we begin a brief Easter series that will lead us to the great passage that examines Jesus’ victory over death for us (1 Cor 15). To get there however, we need to ask the question, ‘where has death come from?’ That takes us right back to the beginning of history. Adam and Eve

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