9am service: Solus Christus: Who is Jesus to you?


The Reformation was basically a ‘back to the Bible’ movement. The church at the time had strayed from the Bible, and the Reformers tried to bring it back to that foundation. We talked about that last week. The medieval church had twisted the gospel message and added teaching about what we must add to the saving work of Jesus. Martin Luther responded by saying, ‘I must listen to the gospel. It tells me not what I must do, but what Jesus Christ the Son of God has done for me.’ What he was saying is that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is not only necessary for salvation, but sufficient. No amount of good works; nothing that the church said and taught outside of this could contribute to the all-sufficient work of Jesus Christ. This is the second big idea of the Reformation, Christ alone (Solus Christus). So, what did this mean for the Reformers and what does it mean for us today?

Bible Passage: Acts4:1-12

Pastor: Jim de Witte

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