Sunday Services 12th Nov 2017


9am Service: Grace Alone: God’s Free Gift
What’s your reaction to the phrase, ‘God wants bad people in heaven?’ Do you think’ ‘Isn’t it he good people who go to heaven?’ Trying to understand these two phrases forms the basis of the Reformation cry, ‘Grace Alone’. If grace means, ‘We owe everything to God’, what part do I play in my salvation. This was the question that plagued Luther and his understanding of it separated him from the church of his day. SO, what does Grace Alone mean and what does it look like for us to live under that grace today? These are the questions we will wrestle with on Sunday morning.
Bible Passage: Ephesians 2:1-10
Pastor: Jim de Witte

5pm Service: Do The Right Thing
In Daniel 1 we read about Daniel and his friends, and how they take a stand for their faith, but they do it in a way that’s maybe different than what we think of when we hear that phrase “take a stand for Jesus.” They do it so graciously that other people are just kind of drawn into the process.
Now, the background here is that the Babylonian Empire has conquered Jerusalem and taken thousands of Jews into exile in Babylon and Daniel and his friends are some of those people. It was very different to live as a teenager in Babylon than a teenager in Jerusalem. See, everything their Hebrew culture told them was good, Babylonian culture said was bad. What Hebrew culture said was bad, Babylonian culture said was good. Rather than become kind of cultural conformers, they become cultural transformers. Today we will explore how they achieved that.
Bible Passage: Daniel 1:3-14
Pastor: John Van Dijk

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