A Crack in the Curtain


A few weeks ago, pastor Jim preached a great sermon in the apologetics series on why bad things happen to God’s people. “How can a good God allow suffering in this life?” is the title of the sermon and you can still listen to it on our website. This is a great introduction to today’s sermon. In the Old Testament we find the story of Job. Now by all accounts Job was a good man – he feared God and shunned evil – he was blameless and upright. (Job 1:1). When you read his story and the way his life is devastated by one major event after another – you would think that Job would be allowed to ask “How can a good God allow suffering in this life?”.

Don’t we often experience a similar situation? Life is great until….. you get a bad prognosis from the oncologist, or one of your relatives is in a serious accident, or a business deal goes bad, or a marriage falls apart. I am sure have experienced this yourself, or you are even experiencing this now. Your life becomes engulfed in fire. Your soul is troubled. Your faith scorched. Will I ever survive life’s inferno?

How do you answer questions like that? What can we say? Can we read the mind of God? Fortunately the Bible does give us some answers and today we will look at some of those – join us to open the crack in the curtain to take a glimpse.

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