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Today is Father’s Day, a happy occassion where we take time to honour and thank the men in our lives to whom we owe so much. Yet despite the joys and successes of fatherhood we celebrate today, the cost of ‘fatherlessness’ in our culture is simply HUGE! In terms of dollars and cents, research estimates that ‘fatherlessness’ is costing us as a nation $13 billion per year! This is not to mention the cost in deep hurt and loss that is passed on from one generation to the next nor the many statistics of substance abuse, teenage pregnancies and even crime that are directly related to ‘fatherlessness’. Many fathers (even in the church) are totally stressed out about raising children. For many if feels that their children are becoming ‘fatherless children’ even with them in the home and despite their very best efforts to be good fathers. Amidst all this, fathers and children wonder: is there a key to being a good and ‘successful’ father? Tonight we will see that there is such a key and we will take a look at what it is that makes us good fathers to our children and good children to our fathers.

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