Could You Think of a Greater Present


The Letter of Jude is probably the least known in the whole of the New Testament. It’s somewhere at the end of the N.T., but before you know it you have passed it by and you’re in the Book of Revelation. Skipping it is easily done, for the letter only takes up one page!

It’s my plan to preach through this epistle, the Lord willing. I haven’t yet divided it up, this letter, into ‘preachable’ sections, but I can see now that some sermons will deal with just a few verses, and that at other times we will look at larger sections. The first sermon deals with only 2 verses, and so will the next one (I hope to preach that on September 14). After that I have not yet figured things out, neither have I planned how many sermons there are in this very short letter. I pray (please pray with me) that I will be able to bring it all to a good end, that our gracious God will receive all the glory, and that all of us will be challenged and strengthened.

This morning then we will look at verses 1 and 2. One of the striking truths here is that salvation is all of God, and we will take note of a heart-warming ‘confession’ of the great preacher Charles Spurgeon. He writes: It is all of God: He calls us. He loves us, and He keeps us.

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