Elijah: Dare We Trust in God


“Everything in the universe is either caused by God or allowed by God, and there is no third category.” That’s a hugely important statement made by Tony Evans. What sparks in your mind when you hear this? So many times we look at a heart-breaking situation and wish there was a third category, “Bad things that happen for no reason”. But there is no such category and so we are left with so many mysteries about why God does what he does, and allows what he allows. In the text is says that it came to pass that the son grew sick. It’s the writer’s way of saying that what happened here was not an accident. After many months of the flour and the oil never running out suddenly the boy gets sick and dies. Why does it happen that way? We walk with the Lord and we do the best we can, and one day the phone call comes that changes life forever. Or we get a report from the doctor with bad news. Or our children get into terrible trouble. Or our marriage falls apart. Why do these things happen?

Life will be painful and difficult at times, even for Christians, but suffering gives God an opportunity to display His power and the power of His Word. The end of the story brings a grateful response from the widow, “Now I know that you are a man of God, and that the word of the LORD in your mouth is truth” (v. 24). As we work through this account in the Bible we might ask ourselves how God’s love and power is in the journey of our lives.

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