Habakkuk: A Prophet’s Burden


The book of Habakkuk takes us back some 2700 years. As we open the prophet’s prayer diary we see that he lived in a very different world but as you listen to his prayers and God’s word in responding to him it becomes clear that the human condition was much the same as it is today. As we listen to Habakkuk pray and listen to God’s response we may be stunned by the actual answers to his prayers. In the opening verses Habakkuk is looking at the corruption in his society and wondering how God could permit the nation to continue in such a state. This morning we will look at Habakkuk’s burden which centre’s around God’s silence. How could God sit idly by? What is God doing in the face of evil and suffering? He cries out to God, but there was silence from heaven. As we read Habakkuk we can perhaps identify with his burden and his pain. Is God listening?

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