I Will…


This short passage from Exodus brings out what God is going to do in response to Pharaoh’s rejection of the request to let his people go. God has told the concerned Moses that he ‘remembers’ his covenant, he now tells Moses what that remembering looks like. In two verses there are 7 ‘I will’ statements defining what the Lord will do to keep his promises and redeem his people. God would do for the Israelites what they couldn’t do for themselves. These promises that God makes to Israel in Egypt are the same ones he makes to his church throughout the ages. He is our redeemer, the one who delivers and protects his people. So, when we see Israel miraculously delivered from slavery in Egypt and brought to a new place, we are reminded of our own redemption. We are to remember the work of Christ that has brought us from slavery to sin to the glorious freedom of being children of God.

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