James: When Is Wealth a Sin?


Tonight we are jumping back into the book of James, picking up where we left off before our Easter series. We come to these opening verses of chapter 5 and find this powerful condemnation of rich exploiters. While James is generally blunt and direct this criticism of the behaviour of Christians throughout his letter this condemnation seems almost out of place. So what do we do with these harsh verses? If the Bible does not teach that money itself is evil why does James speak so strongly against it here? What is he doing? Who is he addressing? Why is he writing this? What can we learn from this? Perhaps movie script writers are onto the very same thing that James is challenging here in his letter to the church. It is interesting that in many good vs evil movies the evil person will often be filthy rich and using those riches in exploitive ways to try and gain world domination. This underlying theme is one that James speaks against in his letter and we will look at why that is so.

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