Mark: Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce


Walking with Jesus, as we have been, through the gospel of Mark is a good thing. It helps us understand the teaching of Jesus in its context and, at times, forces us to deal with passages we might be tempted to skip over. Mark 10 brings us to one of those types of passages. Jesus talked about things that many people would rather not hear. But, if Jesus takes on a subject like divorce, it is certainly worthwhile for us to hear what he says about it. The issue of divorce presented as many challenges in the first century as it does now in the twenty-first century. While the passage teaches about divorce, it encompasses more, bringing the conversation around to marriage too. As we reflect on what Jesus has to say about marriage and divorce, we acknowledge that it is painful for many who have been involved or affected by divorce, so we don’t want to hear these words of Jesus as condemnation but hope. So, while not shying away from what Jesus says, I hope we hear what he says accurately.


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