Licence to Sin?


Last week Pastor Jono spoke about how Christ has set us free and so we are to see ourselves as dead to sin and alive to God. We were challenged to not go back to the slums, nor live like we are still part of it. Paul is continuing this train of thought, again, asking the question whether it makes any difference how we live? Is it all right for me to sin, to say to myself that it’s a small sin, to treat sin lightly? After all, the law of God no longer condemns me. It has condemned my Saviour in my place and so for me there is now no condemnation. So, does that give me a licence to sin? Can I be a Christian crook, or a born again pornographer, or a religious burglar, or an evangelical drug dealer, or an adulterous church member? Can I receive forgiveness and continue living under the domination of hurtful, destructive, selfish desires and actions? That doesn’t seem right does it? Did Jesus pay that price for me so that from now on I might do whatever took my fancy? Is that the freedom for which Christ has made me free? Today we continue to probe the subject of abusing the grace of God.

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