Mighty God


As we lead into Christmas we are looking a little more closely at the prophecy of Isaiah 9. This is an important prophecy given some 700 years before the birth of Jesus that give his throne names, names which describe his character and his work. This morning we are told this child will be called, “Mighty God.” That is, He will be Almighty God in the flesh. Isaiah giving testimony to the divinity of this child to be born. This divinity of Jesus is foundational and fundamental to our Christian faith, it is not an optional extra. It is not enough to believe in God and to think of Jesus as ‘only a good man’. Isaiah doesn’t allow us that option. This child is not ‘like’ mighty God, but is mighty God. The child that Isaiah says we’re looking for will be God in the flesh. So, what is meant by this title, ‘Mighty God’? Warren Weirsbe says: ‘The history of mankind has been the story of the discovery of power and the application of power. First it was manpower, then horsepower, then steam power and electric power, and now atomic power. Each step on the power path has enriched mankind both materially and financially, but it’s doubtful that we are richer spiritually’. He then goes on to add, ‘We are able to harness today the powers of the universe, but we can’t control ourselves or keep selfish people from destroying the world and its people. The basic power needed today is spiritual power, and the source of that power is Jesus Christ’. Jesus, as Mighty God, takes this power on and applies it to our lives.

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