One Great God, Many Servants


As we come to Exodus 18, we are on the cusp of God revealing himself to His people in a spectacular way. He will appear before them on Mt Sinai and give them the Law; the way they should live with the God who rescued them. Just before this we have seen that rescue as He provided food, water and deliverance from enemies. Yet in chapter 18, on the surface of it, we have a very mundane story. We have the account of Moses’ father in law arriving and the advice he gave. Why is this here? What does this add to the story of God’s people in the wilderness? On a second look, however we see God’s plan in calling Israel to Himself and we get a glimpse of the way God will interact with His people. God wants to have a relationship with all of them, not just with Moses. He wants to teach all of them, and not just the leader of the people.

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