Ordinary Men


Let’s face it, most of us are ordinary people. We think that we are nothing really special. Wequestion whether God would even be interested in us, or want or need us. We compareourselves to the 12 Apostles and we feel even smaller. That’s because we have the idea thatthese were incredibly special people, picked by Jesus for a big task. We have stained glasswindows depicting them so they must have been gifted teachers; men who are abovereproach and on a level with Jesus, that’s why He chose them. But nothing could be furtherfrom the truth. They are not other worldly, they are not nearly as divine as we think, and theyare not the cream of the crop among men. They’re not among the best, most educated, mosthighly skilled people humanly speaking. The truth is, they too, are distinguished by the samemark as us, they are ordinary. Yet, we know from Scripture that the men Jesus called toHimself in this passage were ordinary men who could do extraordinary things because Godwas with them. That should be an amazing encouragement to us this morning because mostof us are ordinary people. And if God only called or used extra-ordinary people for Hiskingdom, we would be left out of the action. But praise God, He uses ordinary people to doHis work. In fact, I would say that is one of the extraordinary things about God, is that He usesordinary people like you and me.

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