Our Generous Father – Audacious Prayer


How bold are your prayers? Boldness in prayer is an uncomfortable thought for many. We think of speaking softly to God, humbling ourselves before God, or having a chat with God … but agonizing before God? Storming Heaven with prayers? Pounding on the door of the Most High? Wrestling with God? Isn’t such prayer irreverent? Presumptuous? It would be, had Jesus not invited us to pray like that. In Luke 11 Jesus reminds us of our Father God’s good and gracious character. Jesus encourages us to pray boldly and audaciously, making God’s concerns our concerns. Jesus says we have a Father who loves
to hear and answer bold and audacious prayer.

So after hearing today’s message, will you try it? Hopefully you will give testimony to how God has changed your prayers and how He answered them. Our generous Father loves to hear audacious prayers. Watch what He does with them!

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