Parable of the Sower


As we work our way through Mark’s gospel we come to this very well known parable of Jesusand, in this case, we get the explanation of the parable too. It must be an important parablebecause it is repeated three times, in Matthew, Mark and Luke. And the story is very simple.It’s a story about soils and their difference. Some soils types are non-productive, while someare very productive. But what’s Jesus talking about? What’s the point of the story? As achurch we are mandated to preach the gospel and this parable is designed to help usunderstand what happens are we preach that gospel. As we ‘sow’ the gospel we can becomedisappointed, discouraged or frustrated and we wonder what the problem is. Why is it thatsome people respond to the gospel while others do not? Why is it that you can talk aboutJesus with a bunch of your friends, and some will respond positively while others will shut youdown? Why is it that a preacher or evangelist can share the same message with a wholegroup of people all at the same time, and some will accept the message while for others itseems to fall on deaf ears? That is the question that Jesus raises and then answers in thisparable. We learn that the issue is not the sower and it’s not the seed, the issue is the soil.

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