Power in a Pot


What does it mean to live a real authentic Christian life?

The New York Times asked the founder of McDonald’s what he believed in. “God, my family and McDonald’s hamburgers,” he replied, but then added, “and when I get to the office, I reverse the order.” His apparently facetious comment masks an ironic truth: For many Christians, God has first priority -on Sunday mornings-but life goes on as usual the rest of the week. Our religious experience is considered private, affecting inner feelings perhaps, but not outward actions. Bur being Christian is more than mouthing pious hymns or believing in a vague deity. To follow the Christ of the Scriptures inevitably and radically alters one’s opinions and values on everything from life-style, to the dignity of life, to justice, to art, to intellectual perceptions. It involves the totality of our lives.” Charles Colson, from his book, Who Speaks for God?

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