Prayer: How to Pray


As Christian we know a lot about prayer. Last week we heard some good reasons why we should pray. BUT though we know a lot about prayer, putting it into practice is harder. So, how to pray? On one level that is easy to answer, in prayer we go to the Father and tell him what’s on our heart. Yet on another level it’s hard, because it is personal, we might even feel unworthy to knock on heaven’s door and there seem to be just so many different ways of praying. Do we have to be formal with God, can we pray with our eyes open; do we have to kneel in prayer; are there certain words we need to use in our prayers? How do we begin or end our prayers? So how? Jesus set a pattern for prayer in response to a question from his Disciples and so it is good to see the lessons Jesus taught in that prayer and the scaffolding with which to build our own prayer life. Today we will begin that exploration, wrestling with the question of how to pray.

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