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Can you imagine how you would react if your spiritual leader suggests that we should not fight your enemies – that we should simply give in – because that will save your life. How would you react? Jeremiah did just that and he suffered the consequences. In a time of war, what do we call people who say we should surrender to the enemy? I believe the word is traitor. And how do we generally react to traitors? Well – throughout history – traitors were dealt with in very harsh ways. In today’s message we learn how Jeremiah was dealt with. Various officials beat Jeremiah, then they put him in prison,but that’s not enough, they took Jeremiah and put him into the cistern. It had no water in it and Jeremiah sank down into the mud, and they leave him there to die. Not a super uplifting Easter text, is it? But in it, our clues and descriptions of how we can be courageous, compassionate people of integrity, how we can be great according to God’s definition which is often very different than our definition of great. That is what we will explore this afternoon.

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