Re:Vision: Not Ashamed


This morning we begin our series looking at some of the core values that we believe our church holds onto. The first is the Gospel, which is at the heart of all we say and do. If we are honest every one of us at one time or another has been ashamed of the gospel. Whether it is before our family, our friends, or our workmates there are times when we have been embarrassed to stand up for Jesus and the gospel; where we failed to speak the truth of the gospel, or simply share the message that Jesus is both Lord and Saviour. It is not because we don’t believe in Jesus but it’s because the world doesn’t believe. Our world is opposed to God’s gospel, it ridicules the gospel, it does not tolerate the gospel and we don’t want to be ridiculed. We don’t want people to oppose us, we don’t want to be rejected or seen as intolerant. And so instead of standing up for Jesus we back down, instead of being proud of the gospel we become ashamed. How do we overcome this? The answer is found in verses 16 and 17 of Romans 1, which we will look at together this morning.

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