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On his ‘Indescribable’ tour Louie Giglio says, “Scientists are stumped. One of their dilemmas is that there must be more inhabited planets in the universe. One of their arguments, which is a good one, is that if the universe is simply a habitation for you and me then it is way oversized. But, what if the primary purpose of the universe is not to be a home for you and me…What if its primary purpose is to show off the splendour, and the majesty, and the greatness and the glory of the God who created it all. Then the universe is not too big at all. Then the universe is just about the right size!” These words are a great summary of Psalm 148 which calls all of creation to praise our creator God. Together we will look at this beautiful Psalm that makes up one of the crescendo Psalms in the back of the Psalm collection.

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