The End of the Book Says: In Jesus All is Good! – NO SERMON


Who of us is not relieved that the election activities have come to an end. Especially during the last few weeks and months, with all the electioneering going on.

Whenever a candidate spoke or wrote, so often people asked themselves: Is this person to be trusted? Are these words honest words, true words?

And at times these words were not sincere and truthful.

Compare the Bible with that; that book is in a class by itself. Not only its words are honest and true, because it is the Word of God; but there is also another Bible characteristic which stands out: this book is honest and straightforward. It tells it like it is, at times in quite emotional language.

As a case in point we will look at some of the Psalms, where the authors are really questioning God. Why doesn’t God do anything, why doesn’t He step in and act? Show His power? Stop the evil?

It is not only the Old Testament psalmists who are troubled by that. Also Jesus Himself goes through that agony: where is God?

Maybe you at times go through similar questions.

How do we deal with that?

Some are not dealing with it at all: I have known people who became bitter and twisted and went through life full of anger towards God.

The answer is: TRUST! Whatever happens to us, and it is true that there are times that things don’t make much sense, nevertheless: trusting the very words of God, that is the ultimate answer. Believing that God never lies. Believing that we can always count on God.

That – in Jesus, because of Jesus – God is on my side!


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