The Final Hallelujah


Life is full of praise…Parents praising their children, Grandparents praising their grandchildren, men praising cars, women praising outfits. We praise a painter’s masterpiece, a conductor’s symphony, a chef’s meal, an architect’s building…Praise is a release of inner joy and excitement (Psalm 39:1-3). As CS Lewis said, ‘It is “inner health” made audible’. Praise is naturally spontaneous, and it flows freely, not needing prompting. If life is full of praise, then it would seem fitting that all the praise be directed to God, the author of life. As we come to the last Psalm (150) this call to praise God reaches its noisy crescendo. Psalm 150 is the ‘grand finale’ of the psalms, containing 13 hallelujahs! This wonderful psalm answers four questions about our praise: where, why, how, and who. Let’s get as excited in our praise of God as this beautiful Psalm.

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