The Gospel in the City


No doubt the Redlands is a great and blessed place to live in. It is comfortable, clean, affluent. If you could be born anywhere in the world, few places would be as attractive as here. But the reality is that underneath it all the Redlands is as sick as any other community in the world, because its a community that needs Jesus, a community whose only hope is the life changing gospel to be proclaimed and responded to. Last week as we looked at the gospel in Philippi we saw the power of God at work in the lives of individuals and their households. This Sunday, as we look at the gospel in Ephesus we will be looking at how God works in a whole city to bring change

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Bulletin 15th October 2017

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Bulletin 22nd October 2017

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Bulletin 29th October 2017

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Bulletin 5th November 2017

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