The Murdered Son


Today, the story is simple. A man has a vineyard and he rents it to some farmers. They
misuse his property and want to keep it for themselves. When he sends messengers to
collect what is rightfully his, the farmers beat them and kill them. Eventually he sends
his son and they kill him, too. The landowner is angry, and he is about to evict the farm-
ers. Jesus is pointing the parable at the religious leaders, they are the farmers. They have
been entrusted with something. So, we need to figure out what Jesus was really saying to
the leaders and what got them so mad. So, what is Jesus saying? What can we learn from
it? What are the implications for us? The answer comes in two main points: to reject the
Son is to reject the Father; the rejected Son will be vindicated by the Father. So, this is
likely a parable for us too.

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