Were you there at Jesus’ trial?


We tend to find trials fascinating. They are so full of suspense and drama. Over the past couple of years there have been some sensational trials that have us riveted to the proceedings and waiting for the outcome, the verdict. Gerard Baden-Clay and Oscar Pistorius are a couple that come to mind. The trial of Jesus Christ, which led to his guilty verdict and crucifixion, is probably the most sensational trial in all of history. If it were being played out in the courts today, it would be front page news. But is that the way you see the trial? Or is it, as spectacular and important as it was, we skim over the details of it because we feel it was just a sham, something that had to happen and so was inevitable. But that’s not the case at all. For things to be done right, proper legal procedures needed to be followed and the law upheld. This morning we will look a little more closely at the trial, hear the testimony and receive your verdict. As Montgomery Boice writes,‘The strange thing about this case is that the decision you make will not determine the destiny of the defendant [Jesus]. It will determine the destiny of yourself, the judge.’

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