Why Should We Not Do Wrong?


Sin – ‘knowingly doing wrong’ or ‘knowingly violating the law or will of God’ is a word or a concept not often preached or spoken about in Christian circles nowadays. In many ways, I suppose we can say it’s fallen from favour in our culture. This leads the church and many Christians to ask: ‘is it all that important that the Christian strives as hard as ever to live a holy and sinless life?’ We hear very often that we live in the great era of God’s grace. We are living under a new covenant. This gives Christians all the more reason to reconsider whether sin in the life of a Christian is as serious an issue as it was for God’s people in the Old Testament. And if it is a serious issue, why? We will look at these questions as we consider Romans 6:1-14 and see how God’s word urges his children to view sin in their lives and why.

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